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We travel to remote areas of Iran, starting from regions least known, and uncover and collect video and audio content from local masters in dance, music, and cultural traditions.

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We translate the content we find, organize and summarize, and present them through Patreon. Our original content will be available in the future, for scholarly use.

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Currently we are not holding any events. However we accept invitations for talks by both our president (Ms. Eghbali) and vice President (Mr. Robert de Warren) to academic institutions which may be interested in learning about field research in the area of Dance, in Iran.

Our Mission

Iranian Performing Arts Inc, (IPA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in Massachusetts. Our mission is to uncover, preserve, and celebrate the diverse cultures of Iran through dance and the associated music. Through our work we hope to inspire generations to seek understanding and appreciation of global cultural diversity and build bridges across people that cross artificial boundaries of land.

Our vision is a global view of Iran, by Iranians and non-Iranians alike, which recognizes Iran as an immensely valuable source of culture, humanity, and arts. Thousands of years of history have been beautifully packaged into movement, giving people spiritual and social purpose to celebrate or mourn, to the sound of instruments never seen outside the region they are played. When we hold events, and teach a few simple steps to our audience, and stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, with people of many nationalities, and move to the sound of our music, we know that dance can break boundaries, build bridges, and eliminate stereotypes. We know that through dance, we can effect change and promote global peace.